Welcome to my world!

The setting is an alternate world that has had some major events happen in recent history. Eighty years ago the largest continent known then as Haver, was plunged into a huge civil war. Like most civil wars the actually reasons are not just what is given as reasons. The conservatives decided that the liberals were ruining the country and vise-versa. They each decided to claim a god of the pantheon to claim and said it was for them that they fought. The Talralian war was brutal and heart wrenching. Eventually, the war came to an end after 10 long years of fighting and thousands dead. They powers that be decided to split the continent inot two countries. Luxoria was what the Talions choose as the name of their side with the Holy Seat as it’s capital. As luck would have it it sits on the border. The Ralians choose Belusara as their name and made their capital in Grandport, which was the center of the world once, it is still a city of culture and a melting pot of all walks of life and types of people. It also sits right on the border. The landmark to split the continent in two is the Great River, a wide and deep river that runs from the mountains nearly down the center of the continent and spills into the ocean at the south end. In the early days of the settlers it was the main artery of travel and commerce, and made Haver the envy of the world.
After the war, both sides spent a long time restoring their former glories. The next generation had a major boom to their population, encouraged on both sides with propaganda. Life is good now, things had settled down. The was the tech boom, and there have been many negotiations between both sides that benefit the people and most on the continent have a pretty easy life.
But eight months ago (from the start of the campaign) a major cosmic event happened. A comet came too close to the world, it was predicted that the world would end. Many riots and other bad decisions came from that. Luckily, it hit just right that it hit the atmospheric bubble and simply simply rode around the world and hurtled off into space aided by gravity and the turning of the world. But much of the debris that surrounds a comet did fall through the air and created many craters and quite the light show. Three months later, as the people were still cleaning up and reeling form the event, strange things started to happen to a few people. Some changed colors, some grew wings, some became super in general. It only happened to about 1.5% of the population, and as with anything new was met with fear, distrust , and envy. Many people can hide their powers, and some refuse to. The governments of the world have been trying to both regulate this and use it for their own purposes.
Our heroes have recently come into powers of their own and have been summoned, one way or another, to Grandport by a anonymous benefactor.

Talralian Tales